MGD Travel blog is an initiative of missiongreendelhi.com to explore nature and places across the world. Well I am Puneet Verma, and i love to travel to enjoy sounds of this nature which is fostering me and keeping me alive. I’m lucky enough to got the chance to witness beautiful places in Indian subcontinent. I traveled from North to Southern India and from East to West. Got the chance to explore Himachal Pradesh, which is my hometown, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

I stay in Delhi, owns a platform that helps people collaborate online within Delhi to make it more greener city. My blog http://www.greentechdelhi.com/blog is being visited my 20,000+ nature lovers per month. My whatsapp groups helps 250+ people to share their environmental knowledge & skills with other people and help them collaborate for plantation drives in their areas. My Facebook page has reach of 1000+ audience, Youtube channels have 16000+  subscribers. Here are my other related links:

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